Consulting Services at S T Organics in Hereford, CO

There are over 50 organic certifying agency in the United States. Choosing the right one can be a challenge. We can help determine the best certifying agency for you, then help with the application and certification process.

Setting up an audit trail is a very important part of being certified organic. We will assist you in proper completeness of your audit trail. We will do this by preparing a farm book/log to help you keep manage all your audit trail needs.
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Consultants assist in resolving on-compliance's you may receive from your certifying agency. They can also provide field visits to help spot potential problems in regards to your organic certification.

We strive to be knowledgeable about organic certification. When other questions arise we have the resources to obtain the answer and make the certifying process easier.

What S T Organics Can Do For You

Advisory/secretarial service: This service helps farmers and ranchers with all the paperwork that is needed for becoming and maintaining organic certification. Each farm or ranch is different so each program is set-up to meet the unique needs of that farm or ranch.

  • Marketing: We have contacts across the country and can find markets for most crops or livestock.

  • Storage for crops: We provided Certified Organic Custom Storage licensed in the State of Colorado.

  • Inputs: We carry some inputs that are organically approved for your farm or we will get you in contact with someone to get what you need.

  • Answers: If we don’t know the answer to your organic question we usually can find someone who will.

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