Our Story, in Hereford, CO

In 2002, we became a Certified Organic Farm. There were several obstacles for organic farmers in the area. One was not having an Organic Grain Elevator at harvest time to sell or store their grain. The other was the need for help with the organic certification process.

In 2007, we had the opportunity to purchase a vacant grain elevator. After much cleaning and a few minor repairs, we were operational for harvest in 2007. We also started the consulting service to help local farmers with the certification process.
Corn Grains- organics in Herefors, CO
We have continued to make upgrades to the elevator since its purchase. More storage bins and an out door pit to unload semis have been added. The most recent upgrade in the summer of 2013 was a 70' x 11' Rice Lake digital scale with a maximum load capacity of 200,000 lbs.

We have expanded the business to carry organic and natural product lines. We offer organic livestock, pest/weed control and gardening products. Please see the product page that features our on hand products for more details.