Organic Products at S T Organics in Hereford, CO


Products For Organic Production



  • Redmond Natural Salts - Redmond's natural mineral salt. The salt comes in a variety of size if bagged. Also, carry varieties that have other minerals included or conditioner. These comes in bag, block or tote form.

  • Helfter Feeds - Advanced Biological Concepts. Organic mineral supplements for cattle, sheep, goats, poultry, swine and horses. Helfter has many free choice mineral kits that allow you to mix and match the minerals to your animals needs. They also have mineral feeders and stands to make it easier to feed the minerals. We can help you fulfill any of your animals supplemental needs.

Garden Supplies

Seeds - We carry all kinds of organic seeds. Vegetable, fruit and flower seeds for all types of gardeners. We can get seeds for the average gardener or small garden farmer.

Fertilizer - Have a variety of fertilizer solutions for organic -Have a variety of fertilizer solutions for organic. Can find -Have a variety of fertilizer solutions for organic for vegetable, fruit or large production gardeners.

Drip Irrigation - We have the supplies to set you up with a complete drip irrigation system. If you need specialty pieces we can order if we don't have them on hand. Come talk to us about your garden irrigation needs
Garden supplies can be ordered if not on hand

Weed/Pest Control

  • Garlic Barrier Ag + - Garlic is well-known for its insect repellent and fungicidal properties. This special processed garlic concentrate is odorless in minutes after application. Garlic repels rather than kills and is safe for edible plants. Do not use just before harvest or just before pollination, as bees will avoid the plants! It can be applied 10-12 times per season for quarts or 4-6 times for gallons.
  • Vinegar - A clear, bright, transparent product. Distilled White Vinegar is free of clarifiers, preservatives or other impurities. The odor and flavor are clean and characteristic of white distilled vinegar. It is classed as a crop management tool and production aid.
  • PyGanic EC 5.0 - Botanical Pyrethum InsecticideRapid knockdown and killing of more than 40 plant pests, as well as causing insects and mites to flush from hiding. Pests controlled include aphids, beetles, flea beetles, Harlequin bugs, thrips, etc.
  • Diatonatious Earth (D.E.) - Crawling Pest BarrierFossilized shells of diatoms (small water-dwelling organisms) ground up, microscopically fine, to have sharp edges. These create a barrier to crawling pests such as slugs, snails, earwigs, etc.

Real Salt

Not all salts are created equal, and Real Salt is the reason why! Real Salt is an all natural salt that is mined with a non chemical process. This makes it a better option than table salt. It also has naturally occurring minerals. It also has Kosher, garlic, onion and season varieties.

ST Organics Is Now a Blue River Hybrids Seed Dealer!

Dealers: We're your local touch-point, working with you in the field and throughout the growing season. We are your trusted advisors.


Blue Rivers carries a variety of products in a range of maturities for 2015 planting.

CORN: 37 corn hybrids ranging in maturity from 79 day to 116.

SOYBEANS: Food grade and feed grade options are available from Group.06-Group 5.1 maturities. Cyst resistance, aphid resistance, and eMerge genetics are among the offerings.

ALFALFA: Available in High Yielding-General Purpose, Non-Dormant, Hopper Resistant, and Branch Rooted varieties.

FORAGES: Has expanded to include organic and conventional BMR Sorghum Sudangrass, Forage Sorghum, Grain Sorghum, Red Clover, and Organic Sunflowers.

Products For Non-Organic Production

  • Livestock

  • Sweet Pro - Makes a variety of feed supplement products. Sweet Pro blocks deliver safe protein with high "Rumen By-Pass" value. The blocks energy comes from "Complex Carbohydrates" not simple sugars. They use Condensed Distillers Solubles (CDS) to provide improved aroma and palatability benefits similar to molasses, but CDS has much higher protein and nearly 10 times the fat as molasses. This in combination of other minerals, enzymes and Volatile Organic Acids help increase feed efficiency which will lower intake amounts on feed.

  • Equilix - Are All-in-One Vitamin and mineral supplements for horses that include strong prebiotic and enzymatic digestive aids for better horse health and superior performance. This product contains no Molasses instead it has Condensed Distillers Solubles which provides similar aroma and palatability but higher in protein and fat content. This is because it is a "complex carbohydrate" not simple sugars. It comes in several varieties and can be in a tub, bag or disk.

Looking To The Future

The U.S. organic market continues to experience strong expansion. No longer regulated to niche markets, organic products are now mainstream staples. Whether you've been an organic farmer for decades or new to this side of the industry, it's an exciting time to be in the organic business. -BLUE RIVER HYBRIDS